We are a global firm with a global portfolio and investor base.

    “A buyout firm that really does focus on operational improvements”

    The Firm executes a consistent investment strategy across North America and Europe, focusing on market-leading businesses in the business services, consumer/retail, financial services, healthcare, industrial, and technology sectors. CD&R has also established strategic relationships with Kedaara Capital Advisors LLP in India and Principle Capital in China, both operationally-oriented private investment firms which provide a lens into two of the world's most important growth markets.

    We invest in many globally diversified businesses. No matter where we are, the foundation of our strategy is to partner with management to create long-term, sustainable value. We are able to marshal global resources to help companies introduce new products and technology/business services, expand into new territories, execute productivity initiatives, pursue strategic M&A, tap into global financial markets, and execute other strategies to enhance business performance.


    North America

    46-year history of building businesses

    CD&R was founded in New York and is one of the only private equity firms to continuously operate across five decades in the United States. 

    Since 1978, boards, CEOs, family owners, and entrepreneurs have turned to CD&R as their trusted partner to help them profitably grow their business and make them more valuable.

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    Partnership Deals



    Helping build and grow great European enterprises for 25 years.

    CD&R established a European presence in 1998 with the objective of investing in a broad range of businesses, from mid-market sector champions to multinational industry leaders, to accelerate growth and increase operating efficiency.

    The Firm’s European team includes operating and investment specialists with expertise spanning the Firm’s core industry sectors—business services, consumer/retail, financial services, healthcare, industrials, and technology—supplemented by an advisor network of prominent corporate leaders.

    Many of the European businesses in which CD&R invests also operate in North America, Asia and other markets. The collective insights and experience of the Firm are mobilized to support value-building initiatives globally.

    In all of our European transactions, CD&R endeavors to establish strong, trust-based relationships with the families, corporations, and entrepreneurs with whom we transact.

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    CD&R LLP is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and will conform to the Walker Guidelines for Disclosure and Transparency in Private Equity.

    CD&R LLP is classified under the FCA’s MiFID prudential rules (MIFIDPRU) as a small and non-interconnected firm.  As such, it is required by MIFIDPRU 8 to disclose information regarding its remuneration policy and practices.

    Christian Rochat and Vindi Banga: Global Reach